3D Designer & Character artist

How it all started

Sergi loved drawing up characters as a kid. This hasn’t changed much over the years, but not always he had it so clear.

In 16 he started a degree in computer science for the next 2 years. He always liked to wiggle computers and for him it was a big opportunity to learn something what interests him.

I was going to be a programmer?

At 19 after completing the computer science degree, he had in mind, he would continue studying as a computer programmer for the next 2 years. Until that summer of 2014 when filling out the registration form for the entrance to the next course, he saw in that school they also had a degree in 3D design.

He didn’t think twice and set out to try something different, something where he can express his creativity again.

What I thought about 3D design

He discovered in 3d design something that made him feel good. So at the end of the course he had to decide from what he had been taught, which was he liked best and exploit it to be able to find work in the industry.

Character design is what he had liked since he was a kid, so he would put all his desire to learn how to make characters (mostly cartoon) and surely get a job.

What i realized

After a few years and many interviews with recruiters he realized that where there were more people looking for work in the world of 3D modeling was in the sector of character creation and companies, obviously, only hire the people which their modeling style supply their needs. There were not many opportunities, at least, here in Catalonia.

Sergi came to the conclusion that if it was so difficult to access the industry as a modeler it would be better to look for opportunities elsewhere.

So here I am, doing what I love, practicing every day to improve until nowadays!